What is RBP?

RBP is an easy-to-access and easy-to-use solution for natural gas capacity auctions and capacity trade. Network Users and TSOs perform their business transactions in the RBP Application, which is an Internet-based thin client solution, accessible for registered users. The publicly accessible RBP Portal serves general publication and information purposes

RBP stands for 'Regional Booking Platform,' an electronic auction and capacity trading platform developed on the basis of Regulation 984/2013/EU (CAM NC) and additional associated requirements of the European gas market (CMP, REMIT, INT NC, electronic commerce, eIDAS).

The inclusive, open-end development policy of RBP enables the continuous improvement of the existing services based on the feedback of the market participants and efficiently promotes the creation of new services.

Various connection models assist TSOs and network users to optimise the usage of RBP according to their business operations: Intuitive graphic user interfaces, built-in excel uploads and freely accessible server-server interfaces empower users to customise their connection according to their data exchange requirements, and to flexibly upgrade these whenever required.

RBP was designed to permanently host a high number of auctions, with (geo)redundant hot backup IT infrastructure.

In developing RBP, the following factors had been of decisive importance:

  • cost efficient and easy implementation,
  • high performance and availability,
  • secure access,
  • convenient administration of a high number of simultaneously running capacity auctions,
  • scalable functionality,
  • flexible and open development policy.

The operator of the RBP is FGSZ Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified multi-platform operator and the independent transmission system operator (ITO) of the Hungarian natural gas transmission network.

The Regional Booking Platform is open for all interested network operators and network users who would like to do business on the platform. The applicable terms and conditions for accessing the RBP is published by the RBP Operator on the RBP Portal. New functions and services are announced their availability on a continuous basis.