TSO Registration

TSO Applicants are advised to contact the RBP Operator (currently FGSZ) in order to become TSO Member. FGSZ is proposing trilateral talks among the adjacent TSOs intending to join RBP and the RBP Operator. Contractual arrangements need to cover at least the following: 

  1. TSO Membership Agreement – between each of the adjacent TSOs and the RBP Operator. The TSO Membership Agreement and its Annexes detail the operational, technical and financial terms and conditions of RBP access. RBP Operator is to provide the draft TSO Membership Agreement upon written request of the interested adjacent TSOs. 
  2. Cooperation Agreement – between the adjacent TSOs intending to allocate bundled or unbundled, firm or interruptible capacities via the RBP at their joint IP. RBP Operator can provide a sample Cooperation Agreement upon request. RBP Operator may refuse the application of the adjacent TSOs in case of material deviation from the sample Cooperation Agreement that may harm the operation of the RBP in any way. 

RBP Operator shall publish the name of the TSO Members on the RBP Portal.