Pilot Project

Background of the Cooperation

FGSZ and Transgaz have had a progressive cooperation ever since the idea of the Hungarian-Romanian interconnector came up in the mid-2000s. Realising the regional progress in natural gas infrastructure development as well as the unfolding of the 3rd European Energy Package, the two TSOs signed a MoU in July 2012 in order to cooperate on 3rd Energy Package issues. The MoU established five joint working groups for the following fields:

  • Capacity bundling on the Romanian-Hungarian border using the Regional Booking Platform (primary subject of pilot project)
  • Alignment of network usage dimensions
  • Alignment of operational balancing
  • Alignment of commercial balancing
  • Enabling bidirectional gas flow

The cooperation has been enjoying the full support of the National Regulatory Authorities, MEKH (Hungary) and ANRE (Romania). Upon the establishment of the CAM Roadmap by ACER and ENTSOG, the two TSOs and the two NRAs decided to closely cooperate and formed the HU-RO Core Group.

As of now, a major part of the work has been completed within the framework of the bilateral working groups and the quadrilateral Core Group. Achievements of joint efforts are, among others:

  • bundled capacities are being introduced progressively on the HU-RO border,
  • the Regional Booking Platform was completed and went live,
  • FGSZ-Transgaz OBA established,
  • first backhaul, then physical reverse flow established,
  • a number of network usage rules aligned, including licencing,
  • Open Season prepared for the HU-RO interconnection,
  • (more results to come)

Features of the HU-RO Pilot Project (Capacity Bundling and the use of the Regional Booking Platform)

Phase I of the pilot project – lifting barriers and introducing short term bundled products that are allocated via the Regional Booking Platform

  • Harmonized VTP-VTP access rules involving NRAs (MEKH and ANRE) in order to enable genuine capacity bundling (‘product bundling’),
  • Simplified licensing process
  • Harmonization of gas day (according to CAM NC)
  • Bundling of the following products according to CAM NC auction calendar (beginning with Monthly capacities)
  • Allocation of bundled capacities via the Regional Booking Platform
  • Synchronised and simplified nomination rules

Phase II of the pilot project – introducing all standardised products

  • Bundling of Daily, Within-Day, Quarterly and Yearly capacity
  • Introducing additional services e.g. secondary capacity markets and nominations