Change of RBP Web Address due to New RBP Application & User Registration Required

​Dear Partners,

Hereby we would like to inform you that related to the production environment of RBP, Trading Platform and FGSZ's new Information Platform (with a go-live on 1 October 2018), we have started the user registration. As soon as users are registered, an email will be sent requesting to test the respective system's access. You can access the respective applications under the following links:

Capacities booked for the period starting from 1 October 2018, including the already performed contractual changes due to customer migration are going to be migrated into the new IP.

The last capacity auction in the old RBP is going to be the 1st within-day auction for the gas day 1 October 2018. After this, the production environment of the old RBP is going to be kept as read-only. Following the migration of the financial limit data, the new RBP is going to start-up with the 3rd within-day auction for the gas day 1 October 2018.

Bilateral capacity transfers in approved status that were concluded in the old RBP are going to be migrated until 1 October 2018 with a daily frequency, according to the 14.00 CET status of the respective day.

Simultaneously with the opening of the new IP, and nominations are no longer accepted in the old IP for the period beyond 1 October 2018. The already submitted nominations are going to be migrated into the new IP.

Allocations are going to be performed in the system where nominations were submitted, i.e. the September 2018 gas month shall be closed in the old IP according to the schedule prescribed in the Business and Commercial Code.

Reminder to our Partners: We kindly ask you to inform us officially by sending a letter to which users and which roles you would like to register for the production environments (admin user who manages the partner's accounts and users who use the platforms' business functions). If the affected users overlap entirely or partially with the users and roles already registered in the test environments, then we kindly ask your clear indication which users (including their roles) may we migrate from the test into the production environments. The user migration from the test into the production environments is only possible if the electronic certificate intended to be used in the production environments is the same as the one used in the test environments.

In case you do not have yet a valid Admin user registered with your company, please send us the name and electronic certificate in compressed (*.cer) format to and the Customer Support will register your Admin user. An email will be sent to you about the successful registration. Subsequently, we kindly ask the Admin user to register their further users in RBP and IP (by uploading the *.cer file) in order to access the production environments.

We would like to kindly ask you to start the registration as soon as possible because the new production environments (thus the business activity in the new gas year) are only accessible with a valid electronic certificate. Registration in due time is exclusively the users' responsibility. Any eventual damage arising from the lack of timely registration shall be borne by the respective users' company.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to send them to

We keep you informed of the new system and its implementation.