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Change of RBP Web Address due to New RBP Application & User Registration Required

RBP, Trading Platform and FGSZ's new Information Platform will change its web address from 1 October 2018 as follows.

In case of RBP, the web address change is temporary and the usual address will be restored in due time. Reminder: Registration by the users to the new platform is required to be able to continue business activities from 1 October 2018! For more information, please read further. 

Monthly Auctions for Csanadpalota

SNTGN Transgaz SA cancelled the following auctions due to administrative reasons: Auction-19884266-RBP,  Auction-19884267-RBP, Auction-19884481-RBP. The auctions will be repeated on 18.09.2018.

Information on 24/7 RBP technical support

We would like to inform you that the 24/7 RBP technical support is available on the following centralised phone number: +36-70-938-7961. We kindly ask you to use this number in your phone communication.

Best regards,
RBP Operators

Planned maintenance schedule for 2018

Dear RBP Users,

We would like to inform you that due to planned maintenance, the RBP Application will not be available on the following time periods throughout the year 2018. Capacity auctions for the within-day instruments during the mentioned time periods will be skipped and not repeated.

Best regards,
RBP Operators

RBP is available again


Dear Partners,

The technical problem is solved, RBP is available again.

  • Firm day-ahead auctions were successful.
  • Interruptible day-ahead auctions are planned to start at CET 22:30 (UTC 21:30).
  • Firm within-day auctions are running.

Best regards,